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A Quick Front Yard Landscaping Makeover

A basic overhaul for a front yard landscape can be a simple and cost effective project that is well worth the effort. If you have plans to refurbish your own front yard landscape,? it follows the same rules as designing and landscaping a new front yard. Access and parking areas should be decided and then the rest of the landscape could easily be a matter of creating some planting beds around them. Still, even with a basic plan like this, a little thought will help to make the landscape look balanced and appealing. Here are a few ideas to help give your yard that edge.

First thing to do is assess what the problems are. To see your landscaping in a different light and perspective, take some pictures from several different angles. Now look at what your yard really looks like and write down what you want to change. Write down even all the small details as they all make a difference. Is the sidewalk chipped or falling apart? Are weeds taking over the lawn or flower beds? Is the front entryway no longer appealing and inviting?

Cut out dead and unwanted shrubs from the area. Replace them with new ones if you want to. However, for a fresher look in new and old front yard landscaping ideas, try using ornamental grasses in place of shrubs and hedges. Pruning trees and healthy shrubs will help keep them looking good. If you let them go for too long, they begin to look sick and as though they?re not cared for.

landscaping 25You can add interest and decoration putting large planting containers on either side of your front steps, walkway, or sidewalks. Fill the pots with a combination of ornamental plants, vines, and colorful flowers. This will brighten your entryway and make it look very welcoming. Also, containers can add even more interest because you can change plants throughout the different seasons.

When choosing your plants for your front yard landscape design, remember that using less can oftentimes be more. Try not to add every plant and color available to your front yard landscaping planting plan. Repeat two or three colors and maybe a few evergreens throughout the landscaping and front entry. This helps create unity and retain balance.

To make the entire yard look clean and manicured, edge all walkways, driveways, and sidewalks. Make sure that your walkways, drive, and front steps are clean, neat and in good repair. Repair any stains, chips, or cracks that needs it. Seriously cracked concrete or rock sidewalks should be repaired or completely replaced.

If your yard or landscaping style is too hard and boring, soften the look by adding a few curved flower beds. An island bed is also a great addition to add interest to a front yard.

Consider investing in some nice solar walkway and foundation lighting. Installation is generally easy enough to be a do it yourself job or you can hire a pro do it. Along with the safety lighting they create, they also add a touch of class to the house and landscaping when it?s dark.

One final consideration. What does the outside of the home itself look like? A fresh coat of paint if needed and repair broken boards, hanging gutters, and anything else in need of repair will do wonders for the home as well as the curb appeal of the front yard landscaping. Even with a landscape that is out of this world, most folks won?t even see it above a house that is falling down around itself.

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