Leading Home Elevator Manufacturer Says Demand Is On The Rise

Home elevators are becoming more popular and aren’t for the wealthy anymore. The new trend for Baby? Boomers is “aging in place”.? By installing a personal elevator in the home it eases the burden associated with bad knees and other physical ailments associated with aging. But busy families who are juggling kids activities, busy children, pets and groceries are also seeing the home elevator as a great add-on feature. Builders are getting more requests for home elevators during the planning process and for renovations.

REMI Home Elevators is a residential elevator manufacturing company with headquarters in Tennessee that installs residential elevators all across the country and is

man entering a home elevator

man entering a home elevator

busy with the exploding demand. Although there is no central repository to pull actual data for home elevator installs, we did find that there were 93 permits pulled in Los Angeles last year for home elevators, which is up by 6%.

The demand for personal home elevators will continue to increase as the manufacturing and installation costs continue to drop. Today the cost of having an elevator custom manufactured for your home is less than $12,000. The installation costs vary depending on the home and upgrades desired by the home owner. This can put the total cost at around $20,000 and up. For many homeowners it is more cost effective to install an elevator than it is to move.

Finding a trusted elevator company might seem difficult so we’ve done some of the homework for you. We found REMI Home Elevators – they are a manufacturer of hydraulic home elevators and have more than 40 years combined experience in both commercial and residential industries. They only work with certified installation companies which are located all across the United States. They have manufactured and installed hundreds of elevators across the country and are a leading manufacturer.

REMI leads in the area of safety and has implemented some of the strictest standards in the industry. They were recently reported on Fox News 29 for their efforts in keeping families safe. Read the article here.

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